An Evening At The Lake!

Daddy & I, An Evening At The Lake

Cover of our first book.

It begins! Our first book “An Evening At the Lake” of our first series, “Daddy & I”, is being released to Amazon for on demand printing and a Kindle edition. Should be up very soon. Check back for links soon.

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  1. Michael Webb says:

    I can’t express how excited I am to see a simple idea evolving into an actual finished product. Everyone please remember that this is the first effort of many that will make up the “Daddy and I” series. There are many more books being worked on right now and my hope is that each one will be an improvement. (I do need feed back to make that happen.)
    My greatest hope is to share the joy and importance of fatherhood. I hope other dads are encouraged to spend more time with their children, loving and nourishing them. A father’s involvement is just as important to a child’s development as a mother’s.

  2. Tami says:

    I am so happy for you and so proud of you!!! You did it!!!

  3. Mom & Dad says:

    We’re porud of you, son.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we wish you success in this endeavor.
    Love to you and to little Huddy-Buddy,

    Mom & Dad

  4. Mom & Dad says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    We hope this endeavor proves successful.
    Love to you and our little Huddy-Buddy,

    Mom & Dad

  5. Baby Sister says:

    I just want to say “Big Brother”, that I am so overwhelmed with joy that you are following your dreams!!! You’re a great Big Brother to me and a wonderful Father to my very special nephew, “Huddy”!! I Love you and I am rooting for you to have great success with your series of book.

    Love you,


  6. Big Sis says:

    I am so excited and happy for you. What an awesome idea! You are giving Hudson one of the greatest gifts on this earth….the love of a father. I’m so proud of you! I know that you will do great with this and your love for Huddy will push you to your goal. I will buy every book and read them to my children!!!!! You are an inspiration. I love you so much!

    Love, hugs, and kisses,

    • Michael says:

      Thank you Missy, it means more than I can tell you. Mike Fuselier is another great dad and it was not by chance that I ran into him after years and years; it was God’s will. I don’t think this would have ever been more than a dream if I hadn’t had someone, with a similar vision of getting the message of “fatherhood” out, to keep me focused and moving forward. It is also less scary if someone is taking the chance with you. We just got the pics for a Contraband Days book and Mike and his son’s are going to be in it.

  7. Reece says:

    Hope the books take off for you Mr. Webb!!! I know I’ll be buying one for my little brothers and awaiting the next in the series! Especially since it’s from my all-time favorite teacher!

  8. Anna Williams says:

    I can’t wait to get my copy!

  9. Kenny Smith Jr. says:

    Congrats on finally gettin ur book I hope ur successful. Cant wait to order it.

  10. T Pouncey says:

    Mr. Webb it’s so cool that you are doing something that can help inspire so many people in this world and that you believe so strongly in. The first book is so good. I hope that your books become a great success and I will keep you and your project in my prayers.

  11. Tori Favre says:

    I’m so excited for your book to come out! maybe then I can talk about that instead of everything else in your class šŸ™‚ good luck with everything!

  12. It was a pleasure to meet both of you during the Family Fun and Food Festival and visit your site. Thank you for coming to see me. I regret we didn’t have the time to visit, but I am encouraged/pleased/grateful to meet two more fathers answering the same calling that has driven me to start writing. And I must thank you for establishing a link to my website. I think you will be happy to learn I was able to place many copies of “My Father’s Gift” into circulation over the weekend and was thus able to share some of the greater rewards associated with being a loving parent. May God continue to grant you the necessary strength, enlightening wisdom, and fortitude of certainty to continue your good work. I am certain you will be rewarded with many blessings for doing so, in ways you can’t begin to imagine. I have. It remains my hope, after reading “My Father’s Gift”, it still meets your approval and you determine we have reason to meet again.

    Your humble servant,


    • Michael Webb says:

      Thank you so much Mr. Hennigan, your words mean alot. I am loving your book. I just don’t like having to put it down to go to work. I can’t wait to meet after the school year ends.

  13. Chelsea Boudreaux says:

    Mr. Webb, your excitement for these books has rubbed off on me. I will be buying a copy of every book and coming to you for autographs. Then in the future, when I have kids, I will be able to tell them that I knew their favorite author. I wish you great success in your future as a published author.

  14. Katy English Peveto, M. Ed. says:

    You and Mike did a great job on this book! The pictures are perfect and the text is easily read and understood by a child. The message of having a positive relationship with your child is loud and clear!

  15. Dad says:

    Can’t wait for your up-coming train trip to New Orleans with little Huddy Buddy. I remember taking the same trip as a child to visit my grandparents. We are looking forward to picking y’all up at the N.O. train station. We have planed trips to Audubon Park/Zoo, the Aquarium, the River Walk, etc. Plenty of fodder for another book. Maybe NeeNee & Poppa can be in the story!
    Remember your obligations to God, Country, and Family.


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