What “inspired” two old high school friends to create Nspire Dad Productions, and start publishing books, designing t-shirts and making iPad & Android apps about fatherhood?

Well I guess for starters you could say that both Mike and I were fortunate to have been raised by what we consider to be model fathers. Our dads worked hard, but always had time for us. They taught our baseball teams, supported us in everything we did, tried to teach us right from wrong (although they may still think we need never quite got it), brought us to church with our family and just led by example. We are both greatly appreciative of what influence our fathers had on the direction our lives took and what type of men we became.  As we talked we both seemed to share the same feelings on fatherhood and the opportunity for us to influence other men to be responsible father’s in our world today.

Below you will find links to some quotes Mike and I put together from various sources that inspire us to strive to be better fathers with each and every day, for the sake of our children and the world which they will have to live.

Biblical Quotes

Secular Quotes

We hope this gives you a little better understanding why we formed Nspire Dad Productions, LLC.

Mike Fuselier

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