Look for other “Daddy & I” books and apps coming to a store near you soon.

Bear Hunting In Lake Charles, LA (coming Summer of 2011)
A Day With Daddy
Trains, Trains & More Trains
A Trip To The Zoo
Tractors & Trucks
Contraband Days

These books are in no particular order.

1 Response to Portfolio

  1. Michael Webb says:

    Ever bear hunt in Louisiana? My 2 year old son has been seeing an awful lot of bear around Lake Charles lately. We have therefore been hunting these elusive bear in order to sleep safely at night. We have not managed to kill or even find a bear yet, but by making a lot of noise with our “bear-sticks” (back scratchers) we have been able to ensure that there were no bears in our home. The next book will be on one of our bear hunting adventures. I hope to have it ready before the summer is over.

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