Michael A Fuselier’s Bio

Michael A Fuselier is a Sulphur, Louisiana, native who has been an entrepreneur most of his adult life. He started Event Magazine, The User Friendly Yellow Pages, and most recently owned Precision Prints Sport Center. He was fortunate to be loved and raised by Michael and Sidney Fuselier, and has a younger sister Kimberly, a younger brother Martin and three wonderful children MyKayla, Illias and Slade.

Fatherhood has been by far his most rewarding and important accomplishment. It is hard to explain how wonderful it is to watch your child grow up learning what you have taught, or sometimes what they inadvertently copy of your not so great traits. Over the years of bringing my kids to many friends birthday parties and functions, it has become apparent to me that there are many father’s not living up to their potential.

1 Response to Michael A Fuselier’s Bio

  1. mary lois harst says:

    your letter is very nice Mikey i am very happy u have three beautiful children .There names r awesome; very different. Sincerly; your cousin; Mary Lois Harst

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