Bear Hunting in Lake Charles!

My son has recently developed a fear of bears and keeps saying he is seeing them. I know (at least I hope) it is just the imagination of a 2yr. old, but I humor him. I gave him a backscratcher and told him it was a bear-stick. Before we go to bed we go through the house and scare off all the bears. It is so cute I decided to do the next book on it. Here is a preview.


About sfcwebb1

A high school social studies teacher and a single dad, I have little time and money for much. I have therefore started a series of childrens stories and joined Mike Fuselier in starting Nspire Dad Productions in order to make ends meet. Check out what we've done and what we're doing at
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1 Response to Bear Hunting in Lake Charles!

  1. Matthew McNally says:

    Just ordered 1st book. Bear Hunting looks like it will be super fun to read to my 2-year-old daughter. Can’t wait for it to come out. Good luck with your writing endeavors!

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